You may not fully realize this yet, but you can have that freedom, too!

My life was nothing like it is now.  Just 4 years ago, I was struggling financially while working in the Social Work field feeling defeated, under utilized, and feeling as though I was giving so much of myself with little reward in return. 

I often left work each day feeling drained and thinking, there has to be more to the field than this, right?  The work that is done in direct care is so valuable, yet the pay does not often match the value of the work that is done.  I felt like I was trading so much of myself, my energy and my emotional space for the work that I was doing and while that was rewarding in its own right, I wanted more!

When I finally decided to go for it... to do my Clinical Supervision hours and to sit for my exam.. that is when everything changed for me.  Gosh, the joy I get out of providing clinical supervision to others.  To educate.  To teach.  To uplift! 

I've never looked back and it has been beautiful.  I had money.  I had choices.  I had time.  But most of all, I had freedom.

See when I first started in the Social Work field in 2010, I thought that if I just kept at it and did good work, I would automatically reap the benefits and be fulfilled, right?  If I kept trying to progress in my career and put my best foot forward,I would advance slowly and that would be enough.  Eventually, I thought, I will find the "right" company where I can grow old and retire and through that, I will progress and earn raises and do great things.  

I had the power innately within me to make a change.  I didn't have to wait 10-15 years to reap the benefits of working in the field.  I could begin providing clinical supervision to others to reap the most amazing benefits of building up others in the field.  

I knew that if I took all of the skills that I possessed and just started, I could make my dream Social Work career happen, all on my own.  

Then I Realized

Now, I work from home. 

I make my own schedule while making an impact within the Social Work field.

I can tend to my kids when they are home or if they are sick without having to use PTO or feeling guilty for leaving clients hanging.  

The best part is, I make more than double the income now than I made 4 years ago when working solely as a Social Worker in the field.

You can create the life and the freedom that you want for yourself.  

I want to help you get there.

This is my life today

With the addition of providing clinical supervision, I have provided for my family in more ways that I could have ever imagined.

I have choices when it comes to my career and have endless opportunity.  

I have been able to help other Social Workers just like yourself realize their fullest potential while also giving back to the Social Work profession.  Helping others become clinically licensed puts more amazing Social Workers in the field to help those that need it!

Now this is what I do...

Does this sound like you?

You know that you have more to offer the field but just aren't sure where to start

You feel burnt out within your current career and want MORE!

You have the passion to support, teach and uplift other social workers

Imagine if you woke up each day knowing you were giving back to our profession in ways that would leave behind an amazing legacy and fulfill you in ways you hadn't even imagined.

Lifetime Access to the course to include all updates made based on professional standards

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where you have access to Jehlisah to ask questions as needed.

Our TIME Together Will Include:

A self-paced course for those who want to step into or continue providing clinical supervision but are looking for more of the foundation, theories and constructs surrounding how to do so.


What You'll Learn 

Module 1

Mindset & Inner Critics

Dig deep and identify your biggest inner critic that is holding you back from living your best Clinical Supervisor dreams.  

Module 2

Defining Clinical Supervision

Clearly define Clinical Supervision and the responsibilities of the supervisory role

Module 3

Constructs of Clinical Supervision

Understand the supervisory relationship from a functions perspective and review the mechanisms of learning when working with adult learners

Module 4

Complexities in Clinical Supervision

Develop an understanding of dealing with disruptions within the supervision relationship and how to repair the relationship 

Module 5

Next Steps

Review the legal and ethical obligations as a Clinical Supervisor as well as next steps after completing the course.  With an abundance of resources outlined in this module, you'll be sure to be on your way to a successful career providing Clinical Supervision.

Who Is this for

Beginner and experienced Clinical Supervisors.

Whether you've just started providing Clinical Supervision, have been in the thick of it for some time or haven't even started yet, this course will help you learn the theories behind clinical supervision, learning, and all of the administrative work involved.  

Change makers and those looking to give back to the mental health profession.

I'm sure you've got plenty going on in your life currently, but I also know how badly you want to see the mental health and social work fields thrive with amazing clinicians.  


What makes this course different than others?

Is there a guarantee that this will be worth the investment?

What format is the course delivered in?

There are a variety of courses out there on the Clinical Supervision topic.  I have found that they vary in content and are often focused on one area in particular, rather than providing a thorough education and background on the topic. 

Constructs of Clinical Supervision (CCS) covers everything from mindset to defining the role and functions, theories on Clinical Supervision and learning, how to manage complexities within the supervision relationship and an overview of legal/ethic responsibilities.  CCS also provides a ton of resources in the final module to help you along your journey.  

You will get out of the course what you put into it.  If you internalize the information and put it into practice, I have no doubt that it will transform your Clinical Supervision practice and your relationship with supervisees.  It is all up to you on how much effort you put into your Clinical Supervision skills.  

There are multiple trainings in each module, broken down into short videos that can be watched in one sitting or one at a time.  The entire course is self-paced so you can go as fast, or as slow, as you'd like.  Several of the lessons also have additional resources and tools.  

You will obtain full access to the entire course immediately upon purchase.  

Hi there, I'm Jehlisah.  I am Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Pennsylvania and have worked in the field since 2010.  I've worked with every population and in every setting you can possibly think of!

After obtaining my Master’s Degree in Social Work and becoming licensed, I began my clinical hours for clinical licensure. In 2020, I began providing Clinical Supervision to others and have worked in management within the Social Work field for almost a decade.

Recently completing coursework as an Advanced Clinical Supervisor, I am passionate about educating and supporting others who are providing Clinical Supervision.

Who am I?

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